MOOC Resource List

(Last update on January 7nd, 2016)

This is the place I put the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) resources I found. I will update it from time to time. Due to the kinds of languages I know, there is a bias of the sources listed here (I have difficulty learning about a source in a language I do not understand). Feel free to contact me to add more or share with MOOC aggregators.

General MOOC Platforms
  1. Coursera
    • Coursera has MOOCs from universities around the world. There are also courses in other languages for people who want to use another language to learn. It is also good to get inspired from the "classmates" of different backgrounds. 
  2. edX
    • Like Coursera, edX also has MOOCs from several universities. 
  3. Udacity
    • The courses' videos are quite interesting and interactive in general. I like some of its computer science courses about topics not easily found on other MOOC sites. 
  4. iversity
    • This is a German site. There are courses in English and German. Some technical courses can be found on this site, too. 
  5. FutureLearn
    • This is a relatively new site. I have not seen many technical courses, but free courses in non-technical areas can still be useful. 
  6. Stanford Online
    • This is the center of Stanford's online courses. Links to different learning platforms can be found. 
  7. Janux
    • The MOOC site of University of Okalahoma. There are chemistry, intro to computer programming, and other interesting intro courses. There are also several social science courses. 
  8. Open2Study
    • There are many general courses, whose topics might be unusual. 
  9. Desire2Learn
    • This is a general MOOC site. There are university-level courses and college-preparatory ones. 
    1. Canvas Network
      • This is another general MOOC site. Most courses are introductory ones or ones on non-traditional topics, such as "Social Issues Through Comic Books." 
    2. Course Sites
      • By Blackboard, there are upcoming courses and self-paced ones. 
    3. NovoED
      • This is one of the Stanford Online platforms. Unlike the others, the percentage of technical courses is smaller for this site. 
    4. P2PU
      • The page lists the MOOCs whose partner includes P2PU. 
    5. Saylor Academy
      • There are several majors' tracks, and the courses are self-paced. Some courses can count toward credits at certain colleges. 
    6. Southeast Missouri State University MOOCs
      • As the MOOC site of Southeast Missouri State University, it includes a course on William Faulkner. 
    7. GW Online
    8. NPTEL
      • By Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Science, the courses include ones in electrical engineering and computer engineering/science. 
    9. MOOKIT
      • By IIT Kanpur (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur), the platform is being developed and has had trial courses. 
    10. OC@KU Courses
      • Kaplan University's open courses. 
    11. MOOC@TU9
      • Courses in engineering and natural sciences by Institutes of Technology in Germany. 
    12. QUT Open Online Learning
      • Queensland University of Technology's MOOCs, mostly on robotics. 
    IT MOOC Platforms
    1. OpenHPI
      • There are English and German IT courses. 
    2. OpenHPI (China Partner)
      • This is the partner of OpenHPI in China. Like OpenHPI, it focuses on IT courses. 
    3. Kaikeba
      • This is a Chinese website. The courses are about IT and computers. 
    Platforms in Specific Field
    1. World Science U
      • This is a relatively new site that has courses on relativity and quantum mechanics. 
    2. University of Waikato Courses
      • This site's courses are about data mining with Weka. 
    3. IOC Athlete MOOC
      • This is a MOOC by International Olympic Committee, providing chance to learn from Olympic champions, coaches, and other leaders in sport. 
    4. Skynet University
      • Headquartered at University of North Carolina, this site has astronomy courses. 
    5. Complexity Explorer
      • There are courses about chaos or something related to complexity - more about physics. 
    6. Open Courses @ The Writing University
      • This is the place to find for-writer open courses by the University of Iowa. 
    7. MongoDB University
      • It provides MOOCs about MongoDB for different languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, and etc. 
    8. MOOC Chile
      • The platform consists of human rights courses. 
    9. Forum Academy
      • Initiated by World Economic Forum, the site has MOOCs about professional leadership. 
    10. MOOC-Ed
      • The platform has courses for educators. 
    11. Michigan State University Food Knowledge Cloud
      • The platform has courses on food safety, food fraud, and other food-related topics. 
    12. European Schoolnet
      • This site offers courses on teaching and targets teachers. 
    13. DML Commons
      • There are two courses on digital media and learning. 
    14. kadenze
      • Courses in arts (including music) and creative technology. 
    Single-Course Sites
    1. Google Making Sense of Data
      • This is Google's course on data, starting on March 18th, 2014. 
          1. Wilkes University Kids for Cash - MOOC
            • The MOOC is about the "kids for cash" scandal. 
                1. Information Visualization MOOC
                  • This is an individual MOOC by Indiana University. One session is in 2014. 
                2. Australia China Trade MOOC
                  • This MOOC is in English, but Chinese subtitles can be found. 
                3. Dynamics of Worksite Wellness Evaluation & ROI
                  • The course is provided by University of Wisconsin. 
                4. Sustainable Mobility
                  • By the IFP School, the course is about technical and environmental challenges for the automotive sector. 
                5. DCDC Open Online Courses Introduction to E-Learning
                  • The course is presented by University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. 
                6. Agriculture, Economics, and Nature
                  • The course is offered by the University of Western Australia. 
                7. Doctor Who in the Digital Age
                  • The course is presented by Anthony Rotolo of the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. 
                8. Disasters and Ecosystems
                  • The MOOC was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 
                9. Farm to Fork: A Panoramic View of Agriculture Course
                  • The course is to be launched by Oklahoma State University. 
                10. Understanding Dementia
                  • The course is offered by the University of Tasmania. 
                11. SNOMED CT MOOC
                  • This MOOC on SNOMED Clinical Terms is offered by the College of St. Scholastica. 
                12. FIRST! Understanding New Hampshire's Presidential Primary
                  • The course is offered by University of New Hampshire. 
                13. gvSIG for Users
                  • This is a course on gvSIG offered by gvSIG Association. 
                14. MOOC IFP SCHOOL
                  • The site offers a course on oil and gas. 
                15. Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations
                  • The course is offered by Leuphana University. 
                16. Sportaccord Academy
                  • This platform contains both MOOCs and non-MOOC courses on sports. 
                Chinese Platforms
                1. xuetangX.com
                  • Headquarted at Tsinghua University, China, the language used by this site is Chinese. 
                2. ewant
                  • The language used by this site is Chinese. There are science and engineering courses, as well as management courses and etc. 
                3. UST MOOCs
                  • The language used by this site is Chinese. There are mainly courses for computer science/engineering and neuroscience. 
                4. ShareCourse
                  • This is a MOOC site in Chinese. There are college-level courses and ones toward the general audience. 
                5. 亞洲大學MOOCs平台
                  • This is a MOOC site in Chinese by Asia University in Taiwan. 
                6. 國立臺灣師範大學ShareCourse
                  • This is a MOOC site in Chinese by National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan. 
                7. Proera
                  • This is a training site in Chinese. Some courses are not MOOCs. 
                8. 中国大学MOOC
                  • This is a MOOC site in Chinese, having courses in various fields. 
                9. CnMOOCs
                  • This is a MOOC site in Chinese. 
                10. Yuan Ze University - Massive Open Online Courses
                  • This is the MOOC site of Yuan Ze University, in Chinese. 
                Platforms in Other Languages
                1. Edraak
                  • This is a MOOC site in Arabic. 
                2. FUN
                  • The language used by this site is French. I can not provide more details because I do not understand French... 
                3. rwaq
                  • The website is in Arabic (which I do not understand), but it looks like it has a few classes related to digital signal processing. 
                4. gacco
                  • A JMOOC site, the website is in Japanese (although there might be courses taught in English). It was still new in the beginning of 2014. 
                5. OpenNLearning
                  • Another JMOOC site, the website is in Japanese. 
                6. JMOOC Jr.
                  • Also a JMOOC site, this Japanese website targets elementary school, middle school, and high school students. 
                7. centrumX
                  • This is a Spanish-language platform containing business courses. 
                8. PROMETHEUS
                  • PROMETHEUS is a Ukraine platform, offering courses from Ukrainian universities. 
                9. Neodemia
                  • French platform. 
                1. duolingo
                  • This is a language learning platform. Multiple languages can be chosen to learn another language. 
                2. Codecademy
                  • Tutorials on many different languages (mainly for web programming) can be found. It is quite beginner-friendly and also has tutorials on some APIs. 
                3. Khan Academy
                  • The main target audience is non-higher-education school students. 
                4. 均一教育平台
                  • Like Khan Academy, the main target audience is non-higher-education school students. The website is in Chinese.